Talking About ED With Your Partner

Erectile dysfunction describes a range of symptoms affecting male sexual intercourse and reproduction, including:

  • low levels of libido or performance
  • anxiety;
  • failure to get or maintain an erection;
  • problems with ejaculating; or
  • failure to achieve an orgasm.

In a recent survey in the USA, men reported:

  • premature ejaculation 28.5%;
  • lack of, or low levels of, sexual desire 15.8%;
  • anxiety about the ability to perform sexual 17%; and
  • finding no pleasure in sex 8.1%.

Among the most common causes specific to ED are:

  • side effects of medications;
  • diabetes;
  • high cholesterol levels; and
  • hypertension and heart disease.

It is also linked to men who have had radiation therapy or surgery for prostate cancer. Generally, anything that injures the nerves or impairs blood flow in the penis may cause ED. The psychological conditions most likely to result in ED include depression and anger.

The psychology of sex

Any anxiety about sexual performance can become the expected outcome. Similarly, when you are having problems in your long-term relationship, your desire to have sex with your partner may diminish.

As you form the habit not to have sex with her, you may also be teaching your body how not to have sex with any woman. This can lead to a general loss of sexual desire. Libido is very much a matter of mood.

If the emotional connection is not made between pleasure and sex, you will tend to lose interest in sex. In more serious depressive illnesses and schizophrenia, ED is quite common.

Talking to your partner

If you are in a reasonably stable relationship and you find sex a problem, you should open up and start talking about it with your partner.

Levitra on its own may not the answer because even if it restores your erections, she still has unanswered questions about:

  • why it happened in the first place;
  • whether it means something else is seriously wrong with you; and
  • why you will not talk about it.

The longer you stay silent, the more she will feel left out of your life, and that can be destructive to a relationship.

You should ask yourself whether you love your partner. Is she the person you turn to when you are in trouble? If so, she will become a part of the solution, and you can rebuild the trust.

The statistics suggest that about 10% of men experience some sexual difficulties at some point in their lives. You are not alone. Be reassured.

Modern science has come up with some good treatments for ED. But doctors can only treat the body (usually with a highly effective drug like Levitra). Only you can cure the relationship of its ills.